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Workplace harassment: how it is punished is known as one of the most frequent problems in the work environment and also the most silent and complex to detect.

This phenomenon in organizations is the action of one or more individuals to produce fear, discouragement, extra workload or terror in those who are defenseless by personality, socioeconomic status or position level in the organization.

Generally, a case is identified when the aggressor´s behaviors or harasser are constant and generate discomfort in those who are being harassed.

Workplace harassment: how it is punished, victim Characteristics

It´s been said that there is no specific victim profile; practically everyone can suffer an episode of workplace harassment at any time. A harasser who perceives a person as a threat at work, and as long as the work environment allows it, then this person may be vulnerable to become a workplace harassment victim.


How to avoid bullying?

The first step in avoiding such a crisis in your company is to work on a prevention policy. That means, establishing up front what the organization’s values are in terms of respect or equal opportunity, communicating them clearly, and constantly monitoring for incidents.

As a business owner or CEO you can:

Facilitate the report

To implement a zero tolerance policy for harassment, it is imperative that employees are able to report an incident quickly and without fear of retaliation.

Organize information days

Dedicate a morning, no less than twice a year, to remind the organization’s values to the employees, the rules of a good working environment, the behaviors that will be punished and what the reporting and support mechanisms are. Of course, the participation of the owner or top manager of the company in this type of event is essential.


Do something

In these cases, actions speak louder than words. At the slightest incident, thoroughly investigate what happened and apply the appropriate punitive measures. Only then you will be able to tell your employees that there are consequences.

Promote more women into management positions

As some studies have shown, sexual harassment is more common in organizations where women do not hold any leadership positions.

Including women’s voices on the board will not only allow different points of view to be taken into account when making decisions: it will also send a clear message to employees about the organization’s vision for women’s role in strategy, day-to-day operations and what to do about the gender gap.

Lead by example

No matter which one is your gender is, as a business owner you must be the first to live and work in accordance with the organization’s values. Treat everyone with respect, no matter their position or importance in the structure. Establish a fair salary policy, based on merit and results achieved.


In EthicsGlobal we rely on the use and implementation of good preventive practices in which all employees are supported by the organization so that they feel free and safe to report any irregularity that may compromise the integrity of the organization and/or its employees.

If you want to know how to be able to work in a healthy and mutually respectful work environment, contact us.

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