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There are certain marketing advantages of ethics that add value in different areas of organizations, such as production and image.

Contributions of ethics in companies

Ethics contributes a lot to all organizations it guarantees transparency, integrity and growth in market relations: production-consumption, communication and labor performance which is quite important for the economic growth and sustainability of each organization.


Social awareness and social responsibility issues are gaining strength and the expensive problems arising from bad labor practices and environmental practices are being combated.

Ethics, more than a marketing strategy, is a change in the philosophy and actions with the coworkers who are in the organization.

Ethical marketing

Ethical marketing is here to displace traditional marketing. The 2019 Aflac CSR Survey Statistics show that 77% of consumers prefer to buy from ethical and socially responsible companies, and 49% of consumers prefer brands with an ethical commitment over other brands.

It generates a positive impact on personal and social development, inside and outside the organization, we have the 8 marketing advantages that ethics provides us.


8 marketing advantages

  • Security: Bad practices that lead to fraud are detected and sanctioned, thus avoiding costly risks and losses.
  • Attraction: The best customers, suppliers and employees look for relationships with the best organizations that have a professional profile, commitment and compliance.
  • Prestige: When an organization fulfills the commitments, gains prestige and positions the organizations reputation in the market.
  • Value: Ethics guarantees the quality of products or services and adds value that will always grow.
  • Trust: There is a team unity that the organization have and the relations between all the collaborators are improved.
  • Loyalty: Trust generates loyalty and long-term relationships with customers. People who feel listened to and feel trusted will return. There is no better publicity than satisfied staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Productivity: Having reputation and trust, the work environment improves and consequently improves everyone’s productivity.
  • Satisfaction: Knowing that you are doing the right thing, as well as knowing that you are working on good social terms, brings satisfaction and emotional calm. This is a good incentive to improve quality and productivity.

“If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you.” This Zig Ziglar phrase expresses very well why ethics is a trend in organizations in the marketing field. Traditional marketing is being displaced by ethical marketing. Are you ready for it?


EthicsGlobal is interested in helping your organization operate ethically and grow with these marketing advantages. Consult with our ethical advisors and ensure your organization’s growth.

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